New Community Project Planned - Pontiac, IL
The City of Pontiac, IL , the home of our new Museum of the Gilding Arts, has asked the SOG to do some gilding in the Eagle Theater, currently being restored.  Check the Community Projects page for information and updates on this upcoming project.

The Chicago Gilding Conference is Over, but Not Forgotten!


Saturday, June 6: Here we are gathered in front of the Route 66 Mural in Pontiac, IL, for a final picture.

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SOG Archive

Our Board has created a new post: that of Archivist. The SOG archive will be stored at MOGA; any items you would like to see included in the archive should be shipped there (address below).  Any records of the Society of Gilders -- membership lists, Board Meeting Minutes, records of conferences, classes taught, community projects, photographs from events, any special projects or meetings -- would be useful. There is no limit to what can be archived. One long-time member has a complete run of The Gilder's Tip that will be archived; another has contributed a large number of gesso recipes that he accumulated over the years from other members.

Our first Archivist, Bill Little, will be traveling to the Museum from time to time, to organize and catalog the archive materials. Bill would like people to contact him before shipping anything, and again with a tracking number after shipping. That way he can have an idea of what's coming and the volume he'll have to deal with, and can schedule trips to the Museum accordingly. Please include a packing slip in each package, with a general description of its contents, and your contact information in case he has any questions.

Contact and shipping information

Ship archive items to:
Museum of the Gilding Arts
SOG Archives64
217 N. Mill Street
Pontiac, IL  617

Bill's Contact information:
Bill Little

Welcome to the new and improved Society of Gilders website
The Society of Gilders is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the practice and preservation of the art of using gold and metal leaf. Our members use gilding in all its applications, including architecture, fine art, framing, signage, illumination and more.  The organization is a valuable resource for technical help for gilders, restorers, conservators, craftsmen, and all those interested in the gilding arts. Our classes and conferences bring gilders together from around the globe to learn, discuss and share. Our community projects give back to the community while fostering gilding skills.


 SOG News

Grand Opening of Museum of the Gilding Arts; Naomi Lipsky presides at ribbon cutting.  On a day trip to Pontiac, IL, for the grand opening of MOGA, conference attendees were treated to lunch and a lecture on the properties of gold by Francis Lestingi (Signs of Gold). The permanent displays and the members' art exhibited there were both impressive. Thanks to Peter MIller, Annie Lemarie, all the members of the Museum Committee, and the City of Pontiac who made this all happen.

Museum of the Gilding Arts Featured in the Bloomington Pantograph and a travel site

New Regional Classes Offered by Peter Miller, Michael Gilbert and Jill London!  At long last, more classes from several of our most experienced teachers.  Here are the descriptions: current classes