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Plastering and the Decorative Arts - Dillon & Killeen


Learning the complexities of interior fine finishing applications and understanding the materials science that drives the use of these more historic applications in the realm of new design build projects

Overview: a three-day course that joins the expertise of 2 interior fine finishers – one whose focus lies in the realm of plaster and one whose focus lies in the realm of decorative paint and gilding. This class will teach participants the materials science behind one of the original building materials – lime plaster – and will focus on proper application techniques and installations. Touching upon ornamental plaster as well, this class will cover both flat wall installations along with ornamental creations. Historical decorative painting techniques, including wood graining and the gilding of decorative plaster elements, will be focused on within the 3 day span in a format that brings together two artistic applications of very different materials – those of plaster and those of paint – highlighting how the two can be used in similar but also in very different formats. Tuition includes all materials for both parts of the class. 

Students are encouraged to bring: Block Stippler, Badger softener, Artist brushes, patent gold, and Composition leaf- patent.

Students must bring a Steel Plastering Trowel and a Spray/Misting Bottle, or they may purchase them for an additional $58.  Select "Class with tools" for your shopping cart.

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Start Date: 06/05/2017
End Date: 06/07/2017

University of Texas at Arlington

Arlington, TX
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