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Community Projects

Our community service projects provide a unique opportunity for our members, combining hands on training outside the classroom with professionals in the field and the chance to help strengthen both our gilding community and communities in need.  Take advantage of these exceptional opportunities to spend time with other gilders, further your gilding knowledge and support your Society of Gilders.

University of Texas at Arlington 2017

Two Community Projects: Interior work at the University Hospital Chapel and exterior work on a horse mascot.

See our schedule for The Chapel HERE and Horse Mascot HERE.

The sign-up calendars have options for working mornings, afternoons, or all day. Choose one day, two, or as many as you want, Monday through Friday. Saturday morning is listed “If Needed”. Don’t worry, we will put you to work if even for 1/2 day.

Please click on the component you would like to work on. You can work on both, just not at the same time. We can only use 6 people on the horse at any one time, and 10 to 12 in the chapel.

In the Chapel, a half-dome in the ceiling, a sculptural piece, and the front of the altar will all be gilded. The Horse will be entirely gilded and then have a chatoyant stenciled pattern (think something akin to spun centers). It will then be toned and waxed.

All work will be done on site in genuine gold leaf using LeFranc slow oil size. The Chapel ceiling and top of the sculpture will be done from scaffolding (not tall, but it will be a stationary platform with guardrails, etc.)

All the surfaces will be prepped for us. We will lay out the ceiling in concentric rings under the size and the horse will be laid out in a pattern so we can conserve leaf.

The ceiling and horse will be done with patent leaf; there will be a combination of patent and loose leaf on the sculptural elements. Participants will need to bring their own tools, specifically squirrel hair skewing brushes and mops. We may be using tips and cutting leaf for the sculpture, so bring your tips, knives and pads.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in June!

gilded proscenium-web

Where: Pontiac, Illinois

When: April 14 through 19

What: Gilding the proscenium arch at the renovated Eagle Theater and gilding a little fiberglass art car that will be on display in front of the Museum of the Gilding Arts.

Who: You! As with all Community Projects, you do not need to be a skilled gilder or a member of the Society of Gilders to participate  (SOG members will be given preference if there is a surplus of volunteers).

Details: We will be parcel gilding elements of the arch. It will be oil gilded, mostly using patent and roll leaf. The art car gilding will also be done at the Eagle site.  We will be making some updates at MOGA; volunteers are welcome to assist with those as well. To sign up, contact the project organizer, Annie Lemarie, at 301-432-8308 or annie@mainstreetarts.com. The on-site project manger will be Micki Cavanah, who taught oil gilding at last year's Conference.  If you have technical questions about the project, you can contact her at mickirc@bellsouth.net .  See more about the Eagle Center at the City of Pontiac's Visitors' site.

Certification Requirements: The arch is approximately 16 ft. high, 40 ft. long and 16 in deep, so scaffolding will be needed. To work on the scaffold above 6 feet, you MUST be OSHA trained in Scaffold Safety. Online training is available at www.OSHA.com (cost $20) or at www.360training.com. Volunteers asked to do the sizing for the project MUST have OSHA certified HAZCOM training (also available at the above online training sites). Be sure to bring your certificate(s) of completion with you to Pontiac.

Meals: The City of Pontiac is generously giving each volunteer meal vouchers for lunch and dinner during the project.

Lodging: You have two choices for lodging: Several families in town will host volunteers , at no charge. Or, rooms can be booked at the Best Western hotel on the outskirts of Pontiac, an 8 – 10 minute drive from the Museum or the Eagle. The special rate for King single or queen double rooms will be about $50 per day (plus taxes and fees). The hotel offers a free breakfast and an indoor pool, and is very close to a Walmart SuperCenter. DO NOT make your own lodging arrangements. Annie will put your name on the appropriate list and Pontiac will make all of the arrangements for everyone.

Travel: The nearest airport is Bloomington/Normal IL, about a 45-minute drive from Pontiac. Car rental is at the airport, or we can coordinate transportation with others. Chicago airports: O’Hare is on the NW side of Chicago; Midway, on the SE side, is closer to Pontiac. You could drive, carpool or take a CTA train to downtown (West Loop) Chicago and take the Amtrak train which costs $11 to $15 and drops you off in downtown Pontiac. If you plan to drive, Pontiac is located just off I-55 about two hours south of Chicago.


Full arch -- yellow-painted moldings will be gilded


Arch Detail

Proscenium Closeup-1-1

Arch Dimensions