About the Society of Gilders
Once poetically described by the artist Charles Prendergast as being like ...a half-solidified piece of sunlight, gold leaf is the alluring, elusive, consummate medium of the... Society of Gilders.


The Society of Gilders is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the art and craft of gilding. Our mission is to preserve traditional gilding skills and techniques, and to promote the highest standards in the practice of gilding.
The Society offers...

  • A unique resource for technical help for gilders, restorers, conservators and all those interested in the gilding arts.
  • An opportunity to network with other gilders and clients through SOG events and the website.
  • Classes and workshops where participants learn more about the art of gilding.
  • Community gilding projects that provide opportunities to practice and hone their gilding skills.

Membership is open to any interested individual, institution or corporation.


A landmark event in the world of gilding took place at the Newark Museum in New Jersey during the winter of 1986. While attending a week-long gilding course hosted by the museum's Arts Workshop, gilders met and exchanged gilding recipes, anecdotes, techniques and ethical concerns. The participants expressed a unanimous desire to extend this rewarding collaboration into an organization patterned after the ancient craftsmen's guilds. Originally called the Guild of Gilders, the group changed their name to the Society of Gilders, welcoming fellow gilders and anyone interested in the art of gilding to join their ranks.

Today the Society of Gilders continues to grow, and the Regional Education Program continues to teach the art of gilding in many disciplines. Our conferences bring members together from around the world, and the hands-on classes, lectures, tours and community projects provide a memorable experience for all in attendance. To date, conferences have been held in Charleston, South Carolina (2000), Washington DC (2001, 2003, 2006 and 2008), New Orleans, LA (2007 to 2013), and Chicago, IL (2015).

Officers and Trustees