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Dondi Warren

Delta Gilt
Other 308 Rock Street Ste 209 Little Rock AR 72202 USA Work Phone: 870-615-0514


Photo of Dondi Warren

Delta Gilt

The DELTA is the Southerner’s South…

Poverty – Tenacity – Ingenuity

Wealth – Authority – Society

These may appear to be in conflict upon initial consideration, but the foundations that established this thriving, unique culture share rich parallels.

The stark, rural landscapes of Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee birthed something truly unique and quite amazing. While prosperous families moved in tight social circles bound by traditions and economic forces, those with a more humble pedigree; musicians, authors, artists, actors, and other highly creative individuals drew from their life experiences (frequently seasoned with personal hardships) to push beyond conventional boundaries. “Ordinary folk” utilized regionally available resources and sweat equity to get through daily life.

Dondi explores the symbiosis of have and have not, highlighting and incorporating many themes from the Delta:

place, heritage, family

beliefs, desires, aspirations, fear

scarcity, resourcefulness

Learn more about Dondi’s interpretations of   the history and traditions of the Delta at