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Studying and drawing the acanthus leaf as a means to understand classical ornamentation - Putot


Purpose of the class: The acanthus leaf has been a ubiquitous ornament since the days of classical Greece, but the rules that must be observed when drawing one are about to be lost and I know of no books that teach them.  I am offering this class to share with you the results of years of research and analysis, as part of my mission to prevent the disappearance of the very old art of drawing a correct acanthus leaf.  The relationship of leaves and flowers will also be discussed.
An overview of the changes in the designs of the acanthus leaf from the Renaissance through the 18th-century will be presented using plaster replicas of ornamented panels.  However, the focus will be on the aspects of the leaf which have never changed because they are key to the harmony and dynamics of empty and filled spaces that have been the very purpose of ornamentation.  Poorly designed acanthus leaves will be described and compared with well-designed counterparts.  Because of the teaching techniques I developed over the years, by the second day you will be able to make error-free copies of moldings of correctly designed acanthus leaves even if you do not know how to draw, with core shadow and cast shadow.  You will also be able to design your own acanthus leaves without errors. 
If you have ever drawn acanthus leaves and would like them to be critiqued, please bring them to the class.

Materials: Participants need to bring drawing paper, tracing paper, lead pencils (HB, B, and 2B) and a clipboard to fix the sheet.

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