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Verre églomisé - Spannan


Students will learn the basic techniques and history of glass gilding (verre églomisé) through an introductory slideshow of instructor Sandra Spannan’s body of work and lecture of reverse glass gilding used in commercial and residential signage, artwork, and interior design. Students will learn from beginning to end how to prepare glass, apply stencils, fold leaf, hand paint, and protect their artwork with professional gilders’ tools/materials. Two final projects will be produced through this class using pre-cut stencils and freehand painting methods: a custom gilded letter of their first initial with decorative elements (using a provided vinyl stencil) and a project of their own creation.  All materials are included (Glass panel + frame, 23 karat gold leaf, 12 karat white gold, 9 karat white gold, palladium leaf, gelatine, oil-based quick
size, white or black gilders' glass backing, bulletin varnish, mineral spirits, alcohol, cotton balls, whitening powder,custom vinyl stencil design with student's first initial, plus needle-nose tweezers, knife, squeegee, brushes, cups, blades)

You must bring the following tools: Gilder's knife, gilder's pad, gilder's pick-up brush - or they may be purchased for an additional $75 (choose "Class plus tools" for your shopping cart).


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Start Date: 06/07/2017
End Date: 06/09/2017

University of Texas at Arlington

Arlington, TX
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