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Learning classical French réparure (gesso engraving and carving) - Toupry








The motifs favored at various periods and how to execute them using them using the proper tools

Teaching program: Presentation on the origins of réparure (from the 2015 Chicago lecture), the different carving irons used, how to fit the iron part of the tool into its handle and how to sharpen the tool, how to hold an iron while working, and a presentation of old carving irons.

Traditional French réparure. You will be working on a stucco ornament cast in a mold taken from the body of a harpsicord from the Louis xv period (1723-1774) that I am presently restoring.

You will learn: How to engrave the traditional background motifs: Barclay, LOUIS XIII; Simple fool’s play, LOUIS XIV  (a diamond pattern evoking the pattern of Harlequin’s costume); Double fools’ play, LOUIS XIV; Barley seeds (« Grains d’orge »)   LOUIS XIII – XIV – Régence – LOUIS XV; Curve pattern, LOUIS XIII, LOUIS XIV, Régence, LOUIS XV, LOUIS XVI; Straw pattern; Amaties; Damier pattern (a pattern evoking a checker board). You will also learn How to carve gesso : the curves and the “refends” (spaces within—and part of—the ornaments).

A set of ten traditional, high-quality, French carving irons, provided by Larverdure et Fils, Paris, is available for purchase by SOG members at near cost, with irons fitted in their handles at no charge, by Bruno Toupry. Purchase of this set is included in the class fee. Interested parties not taking the class may inquire about this rare opportunity. All orders must be submitted by May 1.

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