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Gilding For Painters


In this two-day workshop, learn practical uses of gilding for flat and painted surfaces: as a finish itself, as a rich background for artwork, and as an accent to painted ornament. Using different types of metal leaf including genuine gold, composition leaf, aluminum, copper, and various applications methods, participants will create their own set of gilding samples in hands-on practice.
Emphasis will be given to proper preparation, finishing techniques and decorative uses, as well as appropriate and effective choices of materials both traditional and modern.

Take your work to a much higher level of finesse! This class may serve as an introduction to the fine art of gilding, but those with previous gilding experience will have ample opportunity to improve their techniques in this intensive workshop.

Not just for frames anymore: gilding can be used as a brilliant finished surface or as part of painted ornament.

  • Mordant or “oil” gilding for painted surfaces using genuine gold leaf as well as composition metal leaf.
  • Best practices for preparation of gilt surfaces
  • Effective methods to laying leaf in a perfect grid pattern
  • Finishing techniques for gilt surfaces using traditional and modern materials.
  • Gilding used with stencils and pinstriping
  • Practical considerations for using gilding as the base for artwork or as an accent for ornament
  • Discussion of traditional water gilding and the differences between techniques and uses

Materials fee is included in the price and provides one book each of 22 karat gold, composition leaf, aluminum and copper leaf, and all materials and painted panels used in class. Detailed class notes are also included.

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Start Date: 03/30/2018
End Date: 03/31/2018

Lynne Rutter Studio
2325 Third Street #207
San Francisco, CA
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