SOG Members Participated in “Covered in Gold

SOG Members Participated in "Covered in Gold," an Exhibition at the Monmouth Museum, Sept. 15-Nov. 10, 2013.  Catalogs are available in the "store" section of this website.

SOG Officers and Trustees
President - Naomi Geller Lipsky; Vice President - Urban Billmeier; Secretary- Diane Killeen: Treasurer - Jorge Jimenez.  Other Trustees are Michael Kramer, Micki Cavanah, Colleen Donaldson, Jean Spencer, and Annie Lemarie.  Alternates are Mitch Cavanah, Francis Lestingi, Ricardo Jimenez, Michael Gilbert, Jill London, John Nelson, Madilynn Nelson, Elizabeth Holt, Dan Dipert and Leah Fishman.

Long-time board member and past president Peter Miller, whose past guidance helped the SOG survive and progress, has stepped down from the board. As caretaker of the Swift Collection and, lately, head of the Museum Committee, he had a major role in finding a home for this important collection, and establishing a presence for the SOG.

More on the Museum of the Gilding Arts (MOGA) on the the Conference Retrospective page

2012 Desert Storm monument – Pontiac, IL

Desert Storm work executed  by past President, Peter Miller and past vice president, Smith Coleman.

Desert Storm work executed by past President, Peter Miller and past vice president, Smith Coleman.

In conjunction with the opening of the Society of Gilders "Museum of the Gilding Arts", the ribbon ornament on Pontiac's Desert Storm monument was gilded. The monument is located across the street from the museum, on the grounds of the historic County Courthouse. The first of what will be many community projects in Pontiac, it was a gesture of gratitude to the City for their generosity to the Society.

2012 Community Project – New Orleans, LA

We worked on the elaborately carved communion rail. A professional paint analysis was completed and all lead paint was removed and all losses and damage repairedIMG_3682

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2007 Ongoing Community Project - New Orleans, LA
During the 2007 Society of Gilders Conference, we undertook two venues where we worked on gilding and restoration. At St. Alphonsus Catholic Church we worked on architectural gilding and conservation of sculpture. We also worked with the Louisiana State Museum on their frame collection. Thanks to all that donated time and resources!